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Enjoy some of our go-to business resources (and favorite things!) to help you in your journey. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you love something as much as I do...

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TOOLS of the Trade

Finally everything on brand. Create a beautiful website that sells, attractive Instagram reels and pro proposals. Get 15%  off with my code 'AW15' for everything at Tonic Site Shop.

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This is the easiest and the most appealing website builder. No need for coding or expensive software. Get one month FREE with my link!

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Curious how I’m creating these gorgeous emails? Meet Flodesk and get 50% off with my code 'AWFLODESK'.

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This is currently the planner we use for Instagram. Receive US$10 credit towards your first Plann subscription with my link. 

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This is my go-to online design tool for everything from PDFs, Instagram posts, presentations and so much more. It completely replaces my InDesign software.

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Interact is the fun quiz tool we are using. Have you tried our quiz?
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Building an (online) empire? You'll need helping hands. Outsource some tasks to pros and have more time for the core of your art business. 


The perfect solution for your smooth (commission) client experience. From scheduling a discovery call, sending a proposal, receiving payment, knowing how many hours each project takes - benefits are unlimited.


The best (and FREE) translator that exists. It can translate your Shakespeare into 32 languages. They were one of the early AI adopters years before it hit the mass market last year. 

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Ready to turn your art into a successful business? Our proven strategies can help you attract dedicated collectors and grow your brand.

Master seven essential areas beyond the studio, from savvy marketing tactics to building lasting collector relationships.

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