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 This is where your journey as an art entrepreneur takes a definitive leap. Our courses are designed to equip you with the business wisdom and skills that will enhance your artistic practice.

Let's ensure you are equipped for success in today's dynamic art world.

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Attract the Ideal Collector

Make your mark in the market with this 120-page powerhouse of practical wisdom. This course in an accessible PDF format, guides you through identifying, understanding, and engaging with your target audience.

With actionable strategies and real-world examples, you'll learn how to attract collectors who resonate with your art, reducing your reliance on galleries and other intermediaries.

Our flagship 100+ video course, spreads across 7 comprehensive modules over 12 weeks. It is a result of over 70 years of professional life of 2 generations of artists, a deep dive into the art(ist) business. 

Whether you're navigating the intricacies of the art market, refining your branding, or mastering legal aspects, this course covers ALL the aspects of becoming a sought after artist.

You'll gain invaluable insights, copy & paste templates and practical tools to elevate your art career to new heights.

Starts on 1 September 2024. Get notified when the application window opens on 8 August 2024.

12-week-SIGNATURE VIDEO program


wisdom beyond art schools

by Atlanta Weiss

by Atlanta Weiss

attract your

IDEAL Collectors

This intense, hands-on course is designed for artists who want to learn how to identify and connect with the right buyers.

Discover on 120 pages effective strategies for building your brand, defining your target audience, and marketing your art to collectors who will be in love it.

You can decrease your dependence on galleries, attract the right collectors and build a recession-proof art business. 




Mastering Entrepreneurship for Artists

Comprehensive and practical transformation compendium
for a resilient contemporary artist


by Atlanta Weiss


What You'll Learn

Ethics & Purpose

Wisdom & Expertise

  • Embrace (and monetize) your personal history and culture.
  • Adopt a CEO mindset for strategic global positioning in the art market.
  • Integrate productivity and time management tools like Chat GPT.
  • Boost self-motivation and confidence, embrace personal growth, and outsource non-artistic tasks to expand impact.
  • Master studio administration and organization, financial management, art licensing, and navigate the international art market.
  • Gain legal knowledge for intellectual property protection and build relationships with clients, vendors, and artists.
  • Learn team management and leadership, develop a distinct artistic identity, and implement deep branding strategies.
  • Harness marketing power, improve communication skills, and use storytelling for emotional connections and increased visibility.
  • Focus on artistic growth, embrace AI and NFTs, and develop targeted skills for a unique artistic style and niche.
  • Build a professional portfolio, master strategic business planning, and establish authority in the art field.
  • Foster personal and spiritual growth, balance authenticity with commercial success, and adopt eco-friendly practices.

Cultivating Creativity



Money & Legal Mastery

Attracting YOUR People

Branding & Marketing


In 7 modules, over the course of 12 weeks retreiving the knowledge of 2 generations of artists with more than 70 years of professional experience in 3 european countries

Hi, i'm atlanta,
YOUR NEW enlightenment friend

An artist
A World improver       

by calling,

at heart. 

Born into a family of artists and art educators, my worldview and artistic insight were molded by three European cultures. After my first solo exhibition at the Deutsche Bank at the age of 21 I knew I found my calling as a portrait artist. But reality hit hard, and life threw curveballs.

Fast forward through two recessions and the whirlwind of 2020-21, when I saw every artist and creative soul I knew getting knocked down, I decided it was time to step up.

That's the moment Art Wisdom Education (AWE) came to life. It's more than just tools and courses; it's a compass designed to empower artists like you and me to rise, reinvent, and rekindle our passions, even in the roughest seas.

But it wasn't always smooth sailing... which is exactly why I can help you with a thriving, fulfilling art business that you've been dreaming of.

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