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The Quantum Artist

12-week art business programme

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Mastering Entrepreneurship for Artists

by Atlanta Weiss

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All-inclusive 12-week-long art business video experience
for artists and fine art photographers.
Catapult your professional life to a world-class level.
(This stuff is not taught at art academies!)

Application window starts on 8th of August 2024
Course starts on 1st of September 2024

"With rapid technological progress, the art market is evolving quickly.
Traditional art education is struggling to adapt. 

THE QUANTUM ARTIST introduces you to new models of reality and offers methods that are highly relevant to your profession. This includes both STRATEGIC THINKING and practical, REAL WORLD TOOLS for your daily routines.

There will be gatekeepers who don't want you to change. However, those who truly seek to discover your work will be grateful one day that you chose this path."

— Atlanta weiss,
founder of Art Wisdom Education


Here you are
going to state the challenges and frustrations 


Be in the top 1%

Rise to the level of the best artists in your niche


Financial security & Independence

With a steady and sufficient income from your art practice


access & Connection

To an established professional network and to potential collectors


balance & Navigation

Between your artistic expression and the demands of the art market


acknowledgement & recognition

By your peers and sought after experts

This painted picture is not that far away from where you are now.

You wake up with a feeling of satisfaction after a productive day in your new large studio working on your most important artwork series so far.

You feel acknowledged and recognised, as you make yourself ready for a meeting with an international art magazine. One of your collectors will visit your studio in the afternoon to discuss a commission.

But what excites you even more, is that your passive income processes are finally in place. Your systems work and you have a team of talents to help you achieve anything you envision.

Ready for your

life to change?


Mastering Entrepreneurship for Artists

Comprehensive and practical 12-week transformation program
for a resilient contemporary artist



What You'll Learn

Ethics, Values,  Purpose, Vision, Artistic integrity, Personal & spiritual growth, Your sacred space

Knowledge, Wisdom, Expert status,  Technological advancements

Your compass and a map for the art world, Your foundation, Your Origin, Your status quo

Intentional creativity,  Studio administration, Productivity, Archiving, Time and other resources

Financial management, Pricing, Licensing, Legal mastery, Intellectual property rights

Your ecosphere, Team of talents, Peer-network, Collectors, Community

Communication skills, Deep branding, Website that sells, Marketing, Negotiations, Public speaking

doors open: 8 August

Course starts: 1 September

Graduation: 17 November 


how does this sound?

After you complete the course, you’ll


Rise to the level of the best artists in your niche and join a supportive community that will cheer you on every step of the way.


Feel confident that your business and systems are set up to maximise results.


Know how to approach collectors, galleries and make them your loyal fans.


Have a deep understanding on how to run a successful and profitable art business (knowing your numbers).


Make money selling your craft whether you are a professional artist,  recent art graduate, or a fine art photographer.

This course will not only help you with burning issues. Prepare to come out an enlightened person.


When I read about the content of this course, I shed a tear. I wish I had had this real-life training before I graduated. But it's never too late for a bright career.

Join the VIP-Waitlist to get notified when the application door opens. Everything you need to join will land right in your inbox, complete with step-by-step instructions to make sure you're all set.

We start the orientation week with the Introduction Module on 1 September 2024. The course is divided in 7 modules. Each week one of the modules will open and all the lessons will be available from then on.

Registration window opens until 31 August midnight. Say ‘Yes!’ and you'll instantly unlock access to 'THE QUANTUM ARTIST' training, starting 1 September 2024 for 12 weeks.

We will celebrate your transformation with a virtual GRADUATION CEREMONY on 17 November. There will be a CERTIFICATE for successful completion of all modules. With your FOUNDING MEMBER status you will keep the access to the course content and all the improvements (e.g. our learning App) for a LIFETIME.


1 September 2024

17 NOVEMBER 2024

8 August 2024

Save the dates

Timeline for 2024

most important dates of this year

7 september 2024

First of 7 Modules open. You will need around 1-1.5 hours for listening and 1-2 hours for homework per week. You will have the flexibility to study whenever you can. Some modules are so intense, we will need two weeks to cover them.

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Books read on art, art history, art business, marketing, education, growth, design, branding, photography, and more


Years of combined experience of two generations of artists and art entrepreneurs


Videos covering all the aspects of a successful professional life of an artist

Art professionals talked to in art hubs such as London, NY, Berlin, Miami, Dusseldorf, Cologne

What went into this 12-week-long experience?

I'm Atlanta, your new

epiphany friend.

I envision a world where 'starving artist' is replaced by the image of a creative powerhouse: independent, influential, and equipped with robust entrepreneurial skills, making artists valued pillars of society.

Art Wisdom Education is my brainchild, born from the collective 70+ years of professional experience across two generations of artists (and art entrepreneurs) in my family, influenced by in the rich diversity of three European cultures.

Our suite of tools, methods, courses, and recommendations is crafted to transform you from an artist into an art entrepreneur, reshaping not just your career, but the artistic landscape itself.

every change is hard But this one is so worth it...


I spent years studying the art markets (YES, there are several!) and how 'successful' artists enter them with a bang! 

I learned the numbers skills to move from survival mode to one of abundance and possibility. 

I set up automated systems and used efficient tools to make the administrative side of my art business less overwhelming.

I developed the Atlanta Weiss Method that can help millions (!) of artists achieve what they dream about. Most of all to be productive, independent, wholesome and valued members of our society.

Whether you want APPLY proven tips and tools, up-level your art business, or just feel more confident, you can do this, too.

How It works


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The registration window opens for 3,5 weeks on 8 August 2024. Become a VIP-FOUNDING MEMBER with countless exclusive bonuses. Register for 12 weeks of power knowledge!

transform your life

The course starts on Sunday,
the 1 September 2024 and transforms you within 12 weeks. You will be a different person by November 17 2024.
You are welcome!

Whether you’re a professional, emerging artist, or a fine art photographer, you can build a sustainable career in arts.

This  is  for you if:



You want to be part of an amazing, supportive community



It's probably  not  for you if...

You are not ready to invest into your artistic future

you are not only ready but dedicated (!) TO LEARN AND BUILD YOUR EMPIRE

YOU ARE NOT obsessed with WORK AND GROWth

You flourish with self-paced programs and accountability

You don’t like self-paced programs and courses

  • Being part of a supportive Founding Members group 
  • Starting your learning experience in an accountability group
  • receiving priority access to all new features (e.g. Learning App) in future
  • access to new resources
Our movement is just beginning. For those who  are courageous and dedicated enough to share our values from the start - we've got something for you.

Founding Member

Receive countless bonuses, privileges and perks with the FOUNDING MEMBER STATUS during our launch

Become pioneer of the movement

... and the best is still to come:

... only available for bookings
before 31 September 2024

Our Founding members will be spoiled



As a VIP Founding Member of the Quantum Artist, you'll be part of an exclusive peer group, receiving priority access to new resources and a special acknowledgment in our community.

This status not only distinguishes you as a pioneer in our artistic journey but also grants you unique privileges and insider opportunities.




Sign up before 31 August 2024 and you will get the Founding Member Treatment. These lawyer approved contract templates are crucial for your safety of your art business and your own sanity (worth $350).

Grab your seat today and get useful templates as Founding Member Bonus!



only for founding members

Sign up before 31 August 2024 and you will receive ALL the course materials printed in high-quality (transcripts, workbooks, checklists), in a folder delivered to your door. You will always have a physical course work, exercises and guidelines at hand. These tangible resources are complementing your digital learning, allowing you to engage with the course content in a more personal and hands-on way.


Printed course materials delivered to your door


“Great courses don't solve a singular problem. They create a new individual.”

How do you transform someone with a course? You introduce them
to a new model of reality and teach them new systems for living.

— VISHEN Lakhiani,
founder of mindvalley

With the right knowledge,  roadmap & support network in you hands, you can finally:

Easily navigate the Art Markets (yes, there are several), choose yours and flourish despite its complexities.

Know how to price your work and effectively reach out to collectors or deal with galleries.

Draft contracts for commissions, protect your intellectual property, or navigate online sales agreements.

Manage your finances, budget materials, balance income, make the most of your studio space and available resources.

Create a compelling online presence that showcases your work effectively (and sells for you) while protecting it from theft.

Feel supported in a community of peers who collaborate and share learning opportunities.


The 1st of September 2024 is the first course intake. Become the Founding Member!


Topics covered in 100+ videos is all you will ever need to become resilient, recognised and recession-proof artist


Weeks is the length of this transformative course starting on 1 September 2024


generations of artists influenced the creation of this course

this transformational experience in numbers

BENEFITS for VIP-founding-Members

Why you can't miss this opportunity:


To celebrate your commitment and achievement as a VIP Founding Member, a gift is being designed, produced and awaits you upon the completion of the course. This special token is our way of congratulating you on your artistic journey and thanking you for being an integral part of our movement.


Access the unparalleled wisdom at a once-in-a-lifetime offer, only available from 8th to 31st August 2024. Be part of this exclusive launch at a fraction of its cost before everybody else. Become a pioneer of our movement!


As a VIP Founding Member, you'll be part of an exclusive peer group, receiving priority access to new resources and a special acknowledgment in our community. This status distinguishes you as a pioneer and grants you unique privileges and insider opportunities.


High-quality printed materials (video transcripts, workbooks, checklists) delivered directly to you. These tangible resources are complementing your digital learning, allowing you to engage with the course content in a more personal and hands-on way.


Enroll now and gain access to 5 of our exclusive contract templates from our online shop FOR FREE (worth $350). They are available only to members who join during the launch year. These 5 lawyer approved contracts protect your artworks and your artistic journey.

LIMITED-time discount

VIP-Status for Founding Members

Printed Materials Delivered to Your Doorstep


signature Gift Upon Completion

This course is the only

one of its kind because...

it reminds you of the dream you had before the survival routine kicked in

"THE QUANTUM ARTIST: Entrepreneurship Mastery for Artists" is a course designed to teach artists how to become successful entrepreneurs. The course covers topics such as marketing, branding, sales, networking, business strategy, financial management, and leadership all tailored specifically to the needs of artists.

The course aims to help artists take control of their careers and achieve financial stability by leveraging their creative talents and skills, become resilient, profitable and sustainable over the long term.  

... AND it brings you to revive and manifest your dream much faster and with more power than if you did it by yourself.

Get ready for your most important professional journey.

We chose the word "quantum" for the course title because we put emphasis on innovation, transformation, and growth, and incorporate ideas from quantum physics. The importance of being adaptable and flexible in a rapidly changing art world and business landscape. 

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”

Once we've learned something new, we cannot unlearn it, and it will continue to shape our perspective and understanding of the world around us.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson,
poet, philosopher

What is your cost of not taking action?

Waste of your years trying to figure it out by yourself. 

Study at your
own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a proven roadmap


Mastering Entrepreneurship for Artists

Comprehensive and practical transformation compendium
for a resilient contemporary artist


I am a mid-career artist.
Is it too late for me to join the course?

If you are not listed at yet, you still have a long way to perfect your processes, mastery and brand. This course is perfect for you. This course saves you years and gives you tools, methods and strategies.

I am a photographer.
How can this course help my business? 

The art market is different to the regular photography business. If you have a fine art photography portfolio or plan to enter the art market (e.g. showing in art galleries or art fairs), you will gain massive knowledge from this course. If you are a regular photographer and do not intend to enter the art markets with your works, there might be more suitable courses for you out there.

I am a hobby artist.
What can I gain from this course?

It is more important where you are heading to. If you consider making a living with your art, even at a semi-professional level, this course will get you ahead and save you years (!) of figuring it out by yourself.

What is the learning pace?
What if it is too fast or too slow for me?

The video course is divided in 7 modules. Each module has 10-20 chapters. Each week one of the modules will open and all the lessons will be available from then on. You are absolutely free to extend or shorten the learning experience as you see fit.

I can not commit this amount of money at the moment. Can I join this course next year?

We want to bring this knowledge to as many artists as possible. Therefore, we start with an extremely reduced investment for Founding Members in 2024. There are also PAYMENT PLANS available. In 2025 the investments will go to the regular price. In both cases you will get 10x results on your investment.

What if I discover during the course that this is not for me? Is there a refund?

This training is crafted to make tools, methods and strategies as easy as pie for you. You can start using these tools right off the bat in your art studio. And the cherry on top? You get forever access to the training, so you can come back to it anytime you need. Due to this ongoing accessibility, we don't offer refunds.

What happens after I sign up on this page?

What are the payment methods?
Do you accept PayPal?

You'll be the first to know when we open up registration window on 8 August 2024. Everything you need to join will land right in your inbox, complete with step-by-step instructions to make sure you're all set. Say ‘Yes!’ and you'll instantly unlock access to 'The Quantum Artist' training, starting 1 September 2024 for 12 weeks. The best part? You get lifetime access to all the content, including any future updates, so you can dive back in whenever you need a creative boost.

Yes, PayPal as well as Credit Cards are available as secure payment methods. There are also payment plans available.

I am a conceptual artist/performance artist/digital artist. I don't create tangible art.

It is not about the form you work in, but about everything else around it that helps you create a sustainable profession in the art world. If you intend to make money with your art, this course is gold.  

When is the next course intake?
I don’t want to decide now.

The next course intake is planned for January 2025. In 2025 the investment will go to regular. Founding Members enrolled for the 1st September 2024 will benefit from a low course investment and different perks and bonuses. In both cases you will get a 10x results on your investment.

You will need around 1-1.5 hours for listening and 1-2 hours for homework per week. The course is divided in 7 modules. Each week one of the modules will open and all the lessons will be available for a lifetime from then on. Therefore, you have the flexibility to study whenever you can. Some modules are so intense, we will need two weeks to cover them. We start with an Orientation/Introduction Module on 1 September 2024 and end with a Graduation Ceremony on 17 November 2024.

Is there any certificate for completing the course?

It is never too early to learn from real life experience. This way you know what the real world looks like and can adopt useful practices early on.

I just graduated from an art school.
Is this course too early for me to join?

Yes! There is a Certificate you will receive after you successfully complete all 7 Modules of this course. As a FOUNDING MEMBER you will also receive a special acknowledgement (surprise!) and countless BONUSES (for those who are enrolling in August 2024 to start on 1 September 2024). Our Graduation Ceremony will be held on 17 November 2024.

I am afraid I won’t have enough time
to get the most of this course.

Because of the digital nature of this course, you will be able to study at your own pace. If you miss a week or two you will be able to catchup any time. The 7 Modules consist of videos, exercises and tools to implement in your daily routine. Each Module opens on a Sunday and you will have time until 17 November 2024 to finish it. You will keep the access to all the content (and all edits & improvements such as our Learning App) for a lifetime. The Certificate is only available to those who successfully completed all the lessons and did all the exercises.

What if miss a week or two due to travel/illness/unforeseen event?

Join the waitlist

We've got you covered!

Create ease & flow in your art studio business
without sucking the joy out of your passion
or sacrificing every minute of your spare time.

In November 2024 you will have wished you started today...

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Still on

the fence?

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! 

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