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Template Contracts

Navigating the legal aspects of art sales and commissions can be daunting. Our Template Contracts pack includes a variety of legally sound, easy-to-customize templates to safeguard your transactions and relationships. Whether you're selling a masterpiece or accepting a commission, these contracts provide peace of mind and clarity for all parties involved.

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  1. Contract of Sale for Artworks (incl. physical, digital and phygital artworks)
  2. Artwork Commission Contract (incl. physical, digital and phygital artworks)
  3. Exhibition Loan Agreement
  4. Consignment Agreement for a Gallery
  5. Gallery Representation Agreement
  6. Collaboration Agreement
  7. Image Licensing Agreement
  8. Artist’s Lecture Agreement
  9. Artwork Donation Agreement
  10. Public Art Proposal

List of ArtGuard Contract Collection


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This collection focuses on legal agreements and contracts that are essential for protecting the artist’s rights and defining the terms of various professional relationships.


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Email sequence templates

Effective communication is key in building and maintaining client relationships. Our Email Sequence Templates are crafted to convey your professionalism and artistic brand, ensuring that every interaction with clients, galleries, and collectors reflects the quality and integrity of your work.

List of ArtMail Template Collection

  1. Artwork Inquiry Response: Responding to potential buyers interested in specific pieces.
  2. Commission Request Reply: Acknowledging requests for commissioned artworks.
  3. Custom Commission Process Explanation: Explaining the process and timelines for custom commissions.
  4. Order Confirmation and Thank You: Confirming an order and expressing gratitude.
  5. Gallery Exhibition Proposal: Responding to galleries proposing an exhibition.
  6. Price Negotiation: Negotiating prices with potential buyers or galleries.
  7. Declining Offers or Proposals: Politely declining offers that don't align with the artist's goals or schedule. 
  8. Shipping and Delivery Details: Providing information on shipping logistics.
  9. Artist Statement Request Response: Providing an artist statement for exhibitions, publications, or websites. 
  10. Art Class/Workshop Enquiry: Replies to inquiries about classes or workshops offered.
  11. Collaboration Proposal Response: Answering proposals for collaborative projects.
  12. Media Request Reply: Responses to interview or feature requests from media.
  13. Art Fair Participation Response: Replies to invitations for art fair participation.
  14. Art Supply Sponsorship Reply: Responding to art supply sponsorship offers or collaborations.
  15. Public Art Project Interest: Responding to public art project opportunities.
  16. Art Licensing Discussion: Communicating about licensing artwork for reproduction.
  17. Artist Residency Application Response: Reply to acceptance or inquiries about artist residencies.
  18. Feedback Request to Peers: Requesting critique or feedback on new works from fellow artists or mentors.
  19. Event Participation Confirmation: Confirming participation in art-related events or shows.
  20. Response to Gift certificate request

The "ArtMail Template Collection" offers a comprehensive set of carefully crafted email templates designed to streamline communication for artists, covering everything from responding to art inquiries and commission requests, to engaging previous clients and reaching out to galleries, ensuring every email reflects the professionalism and creativity at the heart of your art business.



  1. Gallery Collaboration Proposal: Proposing unique exhibition concepts to top-tier galleries.
  2. Gallery Representation Inquiry: Seeking partnerships with renowned galleries and agents.
  3. Art Fair Preview Invitation: Pre-announcing participation in prestigious art fairs.
  4. VIP Exhibition Invitation: Inviting elite clients to exclusive gallery showcases.
  5. Open Studio Event Invitation: Invitations to private studio viewings for select clients.
  6. Public Art Project Proposal: Presenting innovative public art concepts to influential organizations. 
  7. Press Release for a Major Project: Publicizing major projects to the art world and media.
  8. New Artwork Announcement: Announcing the debut of new, high-caliber artworks.
  9. Seasonal Collection Showcase: Special holiday greetings paired with an exclusive art catalog.
  10. Private Art Collection Sale Alert: Exclusive notifications of select art sales.
  11. Bespoke Commission Offerings: Marketing personalized, high-end commission services.
  12. Exclusive Art Licensing Offer: Proposing high-value licensing deals for distinguished artwork. 
  13. Masterclass Announcement: Announcing premium workshops led by the artist.
  14. Collaboration Proposal: Proposing collaborative ventures with renowned artists and brands. 
  15. Newsletter Update: Sharing insights and updates with a select group of art connoisseurs. Keeps the artist top-of-mind, can indirectly lead to sales.
  16. Professional Networking Introduction: Strategic introductions to key figures in the art world.
  17. Feedback Request on Recent Work: Soliciting feedback from industry peers on recent high-profile works.
  18. Fundraising Campaign for a Project: Inviting select support for groundbreaking art projects.
  19. Artist Residency Reflections: Sharing valuable insights from prestigious artist residencies.
  20. Philanthropic Art Donation Offer: Offering select artworks for high-profile charity events and causes.

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Office Forms

Organize and manage your artworks effectively with our Office Forms set. These forms are designed to help you keep track of your creations, manage sales, and handle shipments, ensuring that every aspect of your art business runs smoothly and efficiently.

List of Artadmin Forms Collection

1. Artist Biography and Statement
2. Certificate of Authenticity
3. List of Works
4. Price List
5. Invoice Template 
6. Artwork Shipping Document
7. Artwork Inventory Record
8. Studio Rental Agreement
9. Art Supply Purchase Order
10. Art Workshop or Class Terms and Conditions

This collection includes administrative documents and templates that help manage the logistical, operational, and organizational aspects of an artist's practice.

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